Trending Africa July 23, ’09: E. Africa gets hi-speed internet, TEDGlobal, etc.


• Big news of East Africa finally getting high-speed internet with the launch of SEACOM's fibre optic cables; and some reactions

• The Gates Foundation and Peace Corps open up Africa Rural Connect, encouraging everyone to send Ideas on how to help rural Africa

• Investors are seeing growing fields of opportunity across Africa

• As the new high speed cable is launched, experts speculate that internet use in Asia, Africa, and Mid-East is set to soar

• Google is extending services in Africa

• If you're not one of the lucky ones attending TEDGlobal 2009 this week, head over to the official blog for exciting updates and videos

• While we're on the topic of TEDGlobal 2009, make sure to listen to Jon Gosier's presentation about his mobile phone search service for Uganda