‘Gamestorming’ as a way to solve the innovation problem

Why Does Gamestorming help with Innovation?

  • Having a set of techniques you can turn to for innovation work is useful because we can’t plan for a perfect world. We have to plan for chaos and work with what the situation demands. Gamestorming gives you a set of tools to pull out when you need them.
  • You don’t know “what you don’t know” on innovation projects. We have to start out on a journey with fuzzy goals. Fuzzy goals tend to be emotional and sensory. Our movement to fuzzy goals is naturally iterative.
  • In innovation work you don’t want to get to the same result every time. You want to get to surprising, interesting, and unique results.
  • Games can help you get to these kinds of outcomes. Every time you play a game you’ll get interesting or different results. It’s all about the journey.
  • Games also make the pieces you are playing with tangible and visible to you so you don’t need to keep track of the parts. This allows you to be creative instead of focusing on tracking things.
  • Almost everything can be seen through the lens of a game.

One thought on “‘Gamestorming’ as a way to solve the innovation problem

  1. G. Kofi Annan

    Well said Scott. Organizations often overlook the fact that real people are responsible for solving problems, and there needs to be a human element to scoping out solutions. Thx for sharing your insights.

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