Watch out Silicon Valley. Chinese & Indian Entrepreneurs Are Eating America’s Lunch

…India’s and China’s successes aren’t due to their education systems, but despite them. You’ve probably heard of Indian outsourcing hotspots like Bangalore and Chennai, but it’s not just call centers and software sweatshops Americans now need to worry about: Technology entrepreneurship is booming all over in China and India, and is beginning to innovate; these startups will soon start competing with Silicon Valley. The next Google could well be cooked up in a garage in Guangzhou or Ahmedabad.

Indian and Chinese children are very much like theircounterparts in the United States — intelligent, open-minded, and motivated tochange the world. They receive poor education on average, but many are able to rise abovethat. And the United States is giving an unintended boost to these countries bysending away highly educated skilled foreign workers.