Social media trends around the world (my notes)

A few weeks ago I attended an excellent panel on global social media trends hosted by Freddie Laker, Head of Digital Strategy in Asia, SapientNitro. The event was part of the Social Media Week New York programming. I found the event to be quite insightfull with panelists video-conferencing in from all over teh globe – with few technology hiccups too. Below are my notes from the event. Check out the SapientNitro slides for more context, or read through the hashtag #smwlake tweets on Twitter, or read another round-up of the event at the Social Media Week NY website.

(Also, if you’re attending the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference and Festival next week in Austin, Texas, feel free to contact me. I’d love to meet.)

SpeakersKatarina Graffman,Owner & CEO of Inculture, Stockholm, Sweden; Justin Barkhuizen, Ex-Director of Social Media, MediaCom; Mark Leong, Digital Strategist, RAPP, Tokyo, Japan; Zarul Shekhar, SapientNitro + TV Producer/Anchor Delhi, India, Manager of Digital Media; Mehdi Lamloum, Digital Planner, OgilvyOne, Tunisia

Notes: Social Media Around the World

Future trends:

  • Facebook will be inspired by Chinese virtual currency platform QQ
  • India rural population
  • Facebook zero is a revolution for emerging markets
  • Rise of cheap smart phones will be big for social media adoption in rural areas
  • Birth of hyper relevance
  • Who’s going to be the open graph from china?

CHINA: insight into china culture

Brother sharp – homeless man made famous by Chinese social media

China social media trend: Human flesh searching

Hot trends:

  • Social gaming. Own version of farmville
  • Location based services. Gipang
  • Smart phone penetration not as persistent
  •     Don’t trust forrester decks that give percent that seem low
  • Collective buying
  • Realtime everything

Renren is closest social media winner in China right now

INDIA: is popular

It’s interesting because dating’s not common

Search critera reflects cast system

India social media is fad driven

Facebook is extremely popular in India

Localized social networking platforms are youth driven targets Indian youth. Links Twitter and Facebook and localized social gaming. Voice updates is popular and uses local street names etc

Youth get songs and listen to Indian celebrities

Nokia tools for life come preloaded on phones. Cost 30 rupies per month. Teaches English

Subscription weather channel is used by coastal fishermen

Bubbly is a popular voice-activated twitter-like service. Can be used with most basic phones


Japanese social media was about handles not real names

Now people are starting to use real names and locations

Mixi is Facebook of Japan. Is also market leader

Born as SMS >20 million

Facebook >2 mil

Gree >20mil


Tunisia’s aggregates Tunisian tweets




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