Digital diversity (my SXSW notes)

Below are my notes for the panel “Diversity in the Digital Age” held at the recent South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Conference. Feel free to leave a comment. More SXSW notes to come. (please note: I tried to capture as many points as possible, hence the shorthand and occasional misspelled word.)


Panel: Diversity in the Digital Age

Speaker: Anne Hunter, VP Advertising Effectiveness, comScore (@comScore, @followanne)

Twitter hash tag: #digitaldiversity

In Jan 2011, 416 thousand ppl in Southwest Brazil were into pet content

1.2 Vietnamese men are looking for cosmetic content

There is not a typical internet user

Internet has created humans as digital grazers

18 songs are purchased per  person per month in iTunes

Less than 2 songs are from the same album

Purchases are across 9.8 artists

Commitment to artists varies by genre

New age music has highest index of songs per artist purchase

Latino music has lowest

Reflects age and artist commitment patterns

Essence mag print reaches 40% of African American women a month

Online only 33% of visitors are Af American

Internet grazing is now influencing other media like print

Does grazing mean we are less committed?

African Americans spent 62% more time on than non Af American

Af Americans consume 2x more pages on

Movie “Click” with Adam Sandler shows the fast forward life remote taking over his life and making decisions for him

The appearance of diversity, the reinforcement of community

Recommendation engines reinforces our confinement within out specific communities

Diversity prevents vulnerability

Inbreeding make populations vulnerable to diseases

The more diverse our genes, the stronger our immune system

Diversity breeds innovation

Societies with diverse natural resources prosper

Environmental barriers prevent spread of ideas and societies isolated from new ideas stagnate

Recommend reading book “Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies” by Jared M. Diamond

Case study of Ian’s Pizza: from Egypt to Wisconsin

Ppl in Egypt sent pizza to ppl in Wisconsin after a long night of protests

They wanted to connect with others who fought for freedom

Harness power of internet by actively stewarding all forms of diversity

Diversity drives success

Fortune 500 companies with diverse boards outperformed others by 66%