Social media strategies for healthcare industry (my SXSW notes

Below are my notes and audio I recorded during the panel “Social Health: Who Wants to ‘Like’ Hemorrhoid Cream?” at the recent South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Conference. Feel free to leave a comment. More SXSW notes to come. (please note: I tried to capture as many points as possible, hence the shorthand and occasional misspelled word. Also, the audio is not the best quality)

Panel: Social Health: Who Wants to “Like” Hemorrhoid Cream?

Speaker: Carlen Lea Lesser (@carlenlea)

Twitter hash tag: #Want2like


Current segmentation is not enough to apply to social media strategies

We need to know “why” ppl engage not just what

Value to brand AND patient HCP

We have regulations we can use now. Don’t wait for new ones

MTV and Foursquare had advocacy campaign where ppl checked-in to clinics when getting STD checks

Foursquare is usually connected to Facebook so ppl were hesitant to share info w boss, spouse, family etc

Like buttons put ppl in awkward positions

Social media wasn’t invented for marketers let alone healthcare one

Markets are markets – clue train Manifesto

Pharma shod not try to go “viral”

Social media in healthcare shod not be abt advertising, it’s abt engagement

Does segmentation include digital behavior data?

Why do ppl use Facebook?

Do all Pharma brands need to be on Facebook?

Segmentation is method of grouping customers based in similarities

Segmentation is not the problem, old school methodology is

You need to know what questions to ask consumers for right digital segmentation

Just knowing ppl like Facebook is not valuable; ask why they do

Why do ppl use Facebook?

Whatndo ppl do on Facebook?

What drives ppl back to Facebook?

How do you feel abt Facebook?

Have you ever clicked on an ad?

The Like bttn is probably the most valuable for ROI measurement

You have to think abt what’s useful to doctors and patients

E-Patient conference is great

Social media strategies fail almost all adverse reaction events reporting regulations

The more you hide adverse reaction events reporting channels, Pharma re-enforces customer suspicion

We keep trying to get patients to keep taking medications, but shod be talking about why

Forrester social media engagement ladder

Kanter innovation model: Harvard Business Review strategies pyramid

DTC (direct to consumer) strategies

Facebook’s constant privacy policy and layout changes can easily burn a Pharma brand with a presence on there

You can’t really incorporate listening platforms into segmentation

Bringing digital experts in earlier improves digital segmentation strategy