10 Rules to Engage Mobile Shoppers

It’s understandable that many companies would look at mobile marketing with some trepidation — again, it’s a discipline that’s still in its infancy. But there are an estimated 280 million users of smartphones, feature phones, and tablets out there — and now more than ever, it’s becoming harder to ignore the benefits of mobile.

Ultimately, the top two benefits of mobile marketing campaigns are that they’re cost-effective — often costing less to implement than comparable traditional advertising methods — and unprecedented in their ability to return behavioral data.

Marketing execs should fully consider the following rules when executing mobile as part of an overall marketing plan:

Ten rules for engaging mobile shoppers
1. Make a full commitment.
2. Don’t treat it as a separate function.
3. Don’t expect it to differentiate your brand.
4. Focus on the audience, not the tool.
5. Assess your brand’s role realistically.
6. Keep it simple.
7. Pull smartly, push gently.
8. Collaborate.
9. Be very flexible.
10. Promote your efforts.

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