Most Innovative (BRIC) Companies of 2011


If you haven’t already read through the 2011 list of Fast Company Magazine’s “World’s Most Innovative Companies” make sure you do. It’s a wonderful and inspiring list. Here is a sublist of’s most innovative BRIC companies of  2011:



01) Azul – For converting bus riders into frequent fliers.

03) Petrobras – For becoming the world leader in ultra-deepwater drilling.

05) Embrapa – For pioneering innovations in tropical agriculture.

06) Gerdau – For responding with speed and smarts to shifts in the market for steel.

07) Natura – For growing a green empire with Brazilian flora.

08) Embraer – For challenging the outsourcing model in the aviation industry

09) Metalfrio Solutions – For identifying and exploiting a profitable niche

10) Solar Ear – For making hearing aids affordable.


01) Yandex – For mastering search.

02) Kaspersky Lab – For turning hackers into an army of virus fighters.

03) ABBYY – For pioneering optical text recognition technology.

04) Rosnano – For establishing a clearinghouse for innovation in nanotechnology.

05) Rosatom – For expanding from nuclear power plants and warheads into medicine.

06) M2M Telematics – For positioning itself to dominate the chip market for Glonass, Russia’s answer to the U.S. Global Positioning System.

07) Optogan – For building a full-scale manufacturing facility in St. Petersburg that will be able to produce 360 million of its patented high-brightness light emitting diodes (LEDs) every year.

08) Mikron – For fine-tuning smart cards.

09) NPO Saturn – For advancing military aviation.

10) Lukoil – For investing in R&D.



01) – For proving that marriage, Indian-style, works online as well as off.

02) Tata Motors – For leveraging its knowledge of the Indian market.

04) Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation – For scaling telemedicine.

05) Gram Vaani (Village Talk) – For making community radio possible in villages and small towns.

06) Invention Labs – For giving a “voice” to speech-impaired children.

07) A Little World – For taking banking to the remotest of villages in India.

08) Digital Green – For crowdsourcing instructional videos.

09) Fabindia – For connecting more than 40,000 traditional craftspeople with the world’s growing urban middle class.

10) Godrej Group – For introducing refrigeration to India’s rural masses.



01) Dawning Information Industry – For being China’s leading supercomputer-maker.

02) Huawei – For building the future of telecoms.

03) Changchun Dacheng Industrial Group – For being the first company in the world to mass-produce plant-based glycols, which can be used as a building block for cosmetics, plastics, and household cleaning products.

04) ZTE – For its whiz-bang mobile products.

05) CSR – For leading the charge on high-speed rail in the U.S.

06) Tencent – For turning online gaming into a massive profit generator.

07) WuXi PharmaTech – For reporting stellar earnings and growing its reputation as the leader in outsourced contract research.

08) BYD – For developing cutting-edge battery tech, even as it audaciously attempts to grow its plug-in hybrid auto sales.

09) MAD Architects – For being one of the first Chinese design firms to win major projects outside of China.

10) Hermès – For launching a domestic brand focused exclusively on the Chinese market.

10) Tencent – For turning online gaming into a massive profit generator.