How the world’s cheapest ($35) Android tablet is ‘Made in India’

The new Aakash android tablet has shaken up the tablet industry primarily because of it’s price point: $35. Aimed at students, the tablet is being regarded as a innovative example both in global tablet industry and in the aid industry, where it’s being seen as an alternative to the controversial $100 One Laptop Per Child device. The Aakash tablet is being marketed as a “Made in India” success story in hopes of championing India’s manufacturing industry. In this video Suneet Singh Tuli, CEO of UK-based tablet makers Datawind, speaks about the making of the Aakash and how they managed to keep the manufacturing price so low in India. The Aakash be sold as the DataWind Ubislate as of November 2011.

One thought on “How the world’s cheapest ($35) Android tablet is ‘Made in India’

  1. Karl

    Its not most cheapest, but still that price perhaps cheap for a good and high specs quality. But if we are talking about cheap, from price to its hardware, China would perhaps made it. So sad, when we say China devices, it is worthless.Cheers,Karla <a href="; rel="dofollow">design your own ipad case</a> store cerk

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