Microsoft trying to make those Augmented Reality contact lenses from Mi4

Remember those facial recognition, augmented reality contact lenses in Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol (good movie by the way)? Well Microsoft and the university of Kansas are making some headway to making them a reality. Check the video beloww on the overview of the Augmented Reality lens project. Sidebar: I’m really liking Microsoft’s strategies these days. Seems they’re FINALLY realizing that the whole “We make Windows software and all other projects are only pet projects” thing is going away.

In a move that makes eye color correction seem boring, Microsoft and the University of Washington have made major advances in bringing augmented reality to contact lenses. The augmented reality lens receives radio signals and transmits them via optical nerves directly to the brain. The process was successfully tested on a rabbit, and the research team has the go-ahead to begin human trials.

While augmented reality has thus far been treated as something of a fad by corporations not involved with video games or marketing, Microsoft insists that incorporating the technology into a lens will make it practical for multiple applications. Possible uses include using facial recognition technology to assist security and police forces, or a virtual desktop that retrieves and displays information in the blink of an eye.

(via Microsoft Eyes Augmented Reality)

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  1. Terry

    Looks like a good innovation though, but this could be a great competition against Google goggles, a sunglasses type augmented reality device.

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