Radio took 38 yrs to get 50 million users, Angry Birds Space took 35 days [Infographic]

I recently came across this tweet from OMGPOP CEO Dan Porter:

Reading about the amazingly meteoric rise of their Draw Something app and subsequent sale of the comapany to Zynga, I got to thinking about the speed of adoption of technologies these days. It used to be that 50 million users was a milestone, but these days analysts like myself watch these stats pass without blinking. In the time it took me to write this post Rovio’s Angry Birds Space edition app surpassed Draw Something by reaching 50 million users in 35 days, setting a new record. Within the past 30 years, I’ve seen vinyl albums with only 6 songs give way to iPod nanos with 2000 songs. In the past 10 years alone technologies which were barely an idea before ahve infiltrated and disrupted whole industries almost overnight. It’s still easy for some to dismiss companies like Google and Facebook as anomalies, but when you look at the bigger trend, the truth can be scary for the unprepared. I put this infographic together to help me visualize and analyze the larger trend. Of course, much is omitted from the story like geography, infrastructure, governing laws, demographics etc, but the trend is amazing nonetheless. Feel free to use the infographic it if it’s helpful for you.


How long does it take to reach 50 million users?

Telephone ~ 75 years

Radio ~ 38 years

Television ~ 13 years

Internet ~ 4 years

Facebook ~ 3.5 years

iPod ~ 3 years

AOL ~ 2.5 years

Draw Something app ~ 50 days

Angry Birds Space app ~ 35 days


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  1. Nikki

    Nice infographic! It really drives home a point I’m trying to make in a report. Do you have citations for the stats used? That would be much appreciated.

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