Big Data still needs human insights…for now


As everyone goes about their every day life in 2013 using platforms like automatic fare payment systems, Facebook, and mobile phones, we all contribute to the growing deluge of data for individuals and organizations. Hence the term Big Data is a hot topic these days. Smart organizations are looking at this as an opportunity to optimize and innovate products and services to better serve their customers without breaching their privacy. And how do you separate the signal from the noise to get real actionable insights? Thats the hard part and the human touch still has the machines beat.

Gartner says that Big Data is moving from small, individual, and focused projects to an enterprise-wide architecture. All this requires a breakthrough when it comes to current approaches for leveraging Big Data….Beginning in 2013, the market will be looking for innovation. Product-centric companies will begin to disrupt the patchwork of services-centric solutions that currently exist. The product-centric companies will deliver the speed of data-to-insight conversion with a compelling economic business case. The business case will include the time-value of data and the measure of its useful lifespan, which gets smaller as the data gets bigger. Hence, there is a compelling need for automation and a product-centric approach to Big Data.

Those businesses that start adopting the product-driven approach to Big Data early will have a significant advantage in their experience curve – leading to more enterprise-wide analytics usage. This will lead to competitive advantages in both the short and long-terms.

(via The Need for a Product-Centric Approach to Big Data | Emcien)

photo: Eric Fischer on Flickr