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Africa’s New Trade Frontier (infographic) – The BRICA Group


The above infographic gives an overview of Africa’s changing trade partnerships. The infographic comes courtesy of The BRICA Group, a new collaborative venture in partnership with Larry Ossei-Mensah of http://www.myglobalhustle.com. The BRICA Group’s mission is to serve as an advocate and catalyst for the development of innovation and creativity in emerging markets. We have more research and information efforts coming very soon. Visit http://www.theBRICAgroup.com for more.

News on the growing African tech development scene



I’ve been watching the African tech developer scene for a while and have begun to see steady, increased growth in the community and in government and organizational support. A vast majority of the growth has been within the past 18 months and centered around urban hubs like Ghana and Kenya. Here are a couple efforts and indicators to keep an eye on particularly if you’re looking to get or stay involved in the business of African tech development: 


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