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China rapidly becoming largest e-commerce economy in the world

Forbes contributor Frank Holmes explains:

> Even though Cyber Monday sales were spectacular this year, as online sales surged 20 percent and beat Black Friday receipts, the day didn’t top November 11, Singles’ Day in China. Singles’ Day is a day of celebration for people who are single and has become popular among the young in China…Online transactions have grown so quickly in China over the past few years, the country may have surpassed the U.S. in becoming the largest e-commerce market in the world…while many U.S. investors are getting excited about the growing number of initial public offerings in the tech sector, they would be remiss if they didn’t look beyond Silicon Valley

([Read more on Forbes.com](http://www.forbes.com/sites/greatspeculations/2013/12/31/china-and-russia-helping-fuel-new-tech-boom/))