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6 Digital Trends Shaping the Future of Health Care


I’ve been working with health brands for a number of years and, while the industry stays mostly under the radar in tech & media news, it’s been going through some major changes recently. From the transformation of the industry from “sick” care to true “health” care, to the tug of war between regulation and innovators, it’s a unique industry to watch and work within. As with all industries these days, the prevalence and accessibility of technology has been having a major impact and brands and marketers are struggling to adapt. I, for one, see great possibilities for innovation within health care both from within the industry and outside. In the presentation below I outline how I see technology diffusion affecting marketers and brands’ roles in the dialogue and practice of health and wellness. I’ve also presented examples for what I see are 6 digital trends that I believe will have the biggest impact on how physicians practice, patients learn & do, caregivers assist, and institutions manage health in the near future. As always, feedback is always welcome here or on twitter @gkofiannnan.